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Nicholas Roe's Homepage

Appearances and Events


27 September 2012, 12. 00. Victoria University, Wellington, New Zealand.  Von Zelditz Building Room 802. John Keats. A New Life. Talk and Readings. 


29 September 2012, 17. 00. 'Romantic Voyagers - Voyaging Romantics Conference'Rutherford House, Victoria University, Wellington, New Zealand. 'Where Sweet and Salt Meet: Wordsworth and Keats as Romantic Voyagers'. Illustrated talk. 


11 October 2012, 10. 00.  The Times Cheltenham Literature Festival. John Keats. A New Life. Illustrated talk.


20 October 2012, 16. 00. Keats-Shelley House, Piazza di Spagna 26, Roma. John Keats. A New Life. Book launch.


3 November 2012, 15. 00. The Wordsworth Trust, Jerwood Centre, Town End, Grasmere. Bindman Lecture: Walking North with Keats - A Different Route.


25 January 2013, 4. 45 pm. The Wordsworth Trust, Arts and Books Festival, Wordsworth Hotel, Grasmere. John Keats. A New Life. Illustrated talk.


1 and 2 February 2013. Centre for Studies in Romantic Literature, Presidency University, Kolkata, India.


19 March 2013. Department of English, Providence College, Providence,  RI, US.


21 March 2013. Department of English, Fordham University, New York.


3 April 2013. 'Writing the  Mediterranean', University of Malta, Msida, Malta.


18 May 2013. Director's Lecture, Ashmolean Musuem, Oxford.


19 May 2013. Living Literature Society, Keats House, Hampstead.


5 June 2013. 4th Landor Lecture, Aberystwyth University. Seddon Room, Old College, 7.30 pm. 'John Keats. A New Life. An Illustrated Lecture'. Public Lecture. All Welcome.


15 June 2013. University of Warwick Book Festival 2013.


25 June 2013. International Boys School Coalition, Dr. Challoner's Grammar School, Amersham.


5-15 August 2013. Wordsworth Summer Conference, Rydal.


19 October 2013 10 am.  Wells Festival of Literature, Wells, Somerset.


31 October 2013. Keats House,  Hampstead, 7. 30 pm.  John Keats's birthday celebration talk - 'John Keats and King Alfred'.


18 November 2013. 'Truth and Beauty', Oakham School, Leicestershire.


23 November 2013. 'Light': Reflections on Larkin, Heaney and Keats. Institute of Advanced Study, University of Durham.


4 December 2013. John Keats and Literary Biography, Institute of Creative and Critical Writing, Birmingham City University.


24 January-26 January 2014. Encountering Malta II. The Old University Buildings, Valletta, Malta.


18 March 2014.  Harrow School.


2 May-4 May 2014. The Keats Foundation first two-day conference, 'John Keats and his Circle', Keats House, Hampstead.


24-25 October 2014. Romanticism and the Future conference, House of Arts and Letters, Paphos, Cyprus.


31 October 2014. John Keats seminar organised by the Keats-Shelley Memorial Association and the Keats Foundation, Keats-Shelley House, Rome.


1-3 May 2015. Guy's Hospital, London. 'John Keats: Poet-Physician', second bicentenary conference organised by the Keats Foundation.



28 October 2016. Charles Brown, John Keats, and Plymouth. 7. 30 pm Plymouth Athenaeum.